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Narrative Game 9

 Euryale- The Far Springer Still recovering from the first cry, you begin to fly towards the source. Looking back, you hope that Sam and Ga'Rook will be okay, but then you see the massive Gorgon in front of you and realize that you might be the one in trouble. This Gorgon, codenamed Euryale, is easily the size of a small moon, and it looks more like a cavernous, floating pit of fangs than a snake. Its scales look deadly pale, and if it weren't for its eyes, massive yellow slits that follow your every twist and turn, you might have thought it had died long ago. (This point in the chapter applies to protecting the North) Matching its hungry gaze, you adjust your path to engage and soon begin firing. At first it seems as if there's no reaction. Its scales and teeth are too durable to penetrate, but, when a stray blast hits it in the eye, another scream tells you that there's a chance. Unfortunately, that same scream sends you tumbling away, hurtling towards the hoard of Go

Narrative Game 8

 The First Wave (Joined Squad A) "Squad A, the enemy's position is locked. Prepare to warp in 3...2...1... GO!" you shout, slamming the throttle and activating your ship's warp engine. Pressed into the back of your seat, a gate made from a swirling ring of light appears in front of you. Passing through, you suddenly find yourself flying directly at a sea of snake-like space creatures, each one at least as large as your ship. "Engage!" you yell, flipping the safety off on your Blaster Turrets. Using a barrel-roll, you manage to maneuver through the sea of voracious beasts, eliminating scores of them with each violet flash of your Blaster Turrets. The ones you miss are quickly handled by Sam and Ga'Rook's impeccable teamwork. Zooming from enemy to enemy, the thought crosses your mind that this battle might just be winnable. The ancient technology and your crack team of pilots are actually doing it! That thought is interrupted by a sudden radio call fro