Daily Writings 21

 Stheno- The Mighty Caught up on what happened during your battle with Euryale, you rocket towards Stheno, determined to prevent it from killing anyone else. On your way, you check in on Sam and Ga'Rook too. They answer quickly, and seem determined to avenge Roland. You warn them to be careful, but since you're doing the same thing, there isn't much else to be said. Finally, just as you cut all communication, you come across the sea of Gorgons Squad B is facing. You can see Ten and Trion weaving around the edges, barely preventing them from moving forward, but your target is at the center. Stheno, a red Gorgon that looks to be made out of a multitude of giant anacondas, all braided together in a single, dangerous cord. As you lock onto your target, a message suddenly appears on your HUD. One of your ship's augments is finally ready and will be warped to your position immediately. Soon after, a swirling ring of light appears. As it dissipates, you fly directly at the aug

Daily Writings 20

 A Pillar Falls After requesting the finished augments for your ship, you immediately begin flying towards Squad B. Using your comms, you request for an update from Trion, the last member you heard from. An uncomfortable moment of silence followed, until Trion finally replied. "Captain?! You're alive! We need backup immediately, Roland tried to stop it, I mean, we all did, but—" "Trion, calm down! I need you to tell me, what's the current situation?" You interrupt.  "I'm already on my way, but I need to know if everyone is alright!" You hear Trion take a deep breathe before responding. "Yes Captain," He responds. "One of the major three, codenamed Stheno, arrived just before your radio silence. Roland took it on while we handled the rest, but it was like one man taking on an army. I'm sorry captain, but Roland has fallen. Honestly, I don't know how he lasted as long as he did, but before he went, he left one final message

Daily Writings 19

Euryale's End Dodging the monster's missile-fangs, you begin to fire your Blaster Turrets into the Gorgon's now unprotected maw. The monster screams again, but this time you can tell its in pain. You still tumble away, but not before seeing its green blood ooze from the new holes in its mouth. Reassured that this Gorgon can be hurt, you hurry to finish the job, evading fangs and withstanding screams to the best of your ability. Before too long, a final scream, too weak to throw you off balance this time, signals the defeat of one of the biggest Gorgon threats. There's not time for celebration though, and you immediately request that the Argos (your base ship) send any of your ship's augments that are ready. After all, you have a bad feeling that you'll soon need them to help Squad B. [Next]

Daily Writings 18

 Euryale- The Far Springer Still recovering from the first cry, you begin to fly towards the source. Looking back, you hope that Sam and Ga'Rook will be okay, but then you see the massive Gorgon in front of you and realize that you might be the one in trouble. This Gorgon, codenamed Euryale, is easily the size of a small moon, and it looks more like a cavernous, floating pit of fangs than a snake. Its scales look deadly pale, and if it weren't for its eyes, massive yellow slits that follow your every twist and turn, you might have thought it had died long ago. (This point in the chapter applies to protecting the North) Matching its hungry gaze, you adjust your path to engage and soon begin firing. At first it seems as if there's no reaction. Its scales and teeth are too durable to penetrate, but, when a stray blast hits it in the eye, another scream tells you that there's a chance. Unfortunately, that same scream sends you tumbling away, hurtling towards the hoard of Go

Daily Writings 17

 The First Wave (Joined Squad A) "Squad A, the enemy's position is locked. Prepare to warp in 3...2...1... GO!" you shout, slamming the throttle and activating your ship's warp engine. Pressed into the back of your seat, a gate made from a swirling ring of light appears in front of you. Passing through, you suddenly find yourself flying directly at a sea of snake-like space creatures, each one at least as large as your ship. "Engage!" you yell, flipping the safety off on your Blaster Turrets. Using a barrel-roll, you manage to maneuver through the sea of voracious beasts, eliminating scores of them with each violet flash of your Blaster Turrets. The ones you miss are quickly handled by Sam and Ga'Rook's impeccable teamwork. Zooming from enemy to enemy, the thought crosses your mind that this battle might just be winnable. The ancient technology and your crack team of pilots are actually doing it! That thought is interrupted by a sudden radio call fro

Daily Writings 16

 Finding the Enemy (Joined Squad A) Almost silent engines steadily climb in volume, hitting their crescendo just when it seems like the ship might shake itself apart. Then, after a single beat of rest, you blast off down the runway, leaving the hangar at a speed difficult to comprehend. Once in the darkness of space, the pressure forcing you into your seat eases, and you can see Ga'rook and Sam following you close behind. "This is the last chance to say something before we fight the gorgons." You tell them over the comms. "Anything you want to get off your chests?" There's silence for a moment, until Ga'rooks guttural voice says, "Yeah... I'm actually the one who ate your nachos at that space ball tournament a few months ago. I didn't tell you because watching you blame Roland made me laugh too hard. Afterwards it just felt too awkward to bring up again..." "Oh, oh! I've got one too" Says Sam. "Remember that reporter

Daily Writings 15

Preparing for Takeoff (Joined Squad A) Entering the hangar, you see Ga'rook and Sam preparing their ships for takeoff. Ga'rook's bulky and rectangular ship especially stands out, as he just finished painting a massive octopus with tentacles reaching towards the cabin on its side. Parked beside Ga'rook's, Sam's ship appears small in comparison. Its wide, umbrella-like wings and spherical central cockpit also make it seem less threatening than Ga'rook's hulking weapon with wings. Despite its flimsy appearance though, the wings of Sam's ship can redirect almost any attack with ease. Ga'rook might not be able to avoid the enemy, but thanks to Sam, he'll never have to. Greeting Sam and Ga'rook with a wave, you make your way towards your own ship. It's design isn't anything exaggerated like the rest of your team. In fact, if it weren't for all of the strange exterior clamps and custom paintjob, most people in the UPA would have thou