Narrative Game 11

 A Pillar Falls

After requesting the finished augments for your ship, you immediately begin flying towards Squad B. Using your comms, you request for an update from Trion, the last member you heard from. An uncomfortable moment of silence followed, until Trion finally replied. "Captain?! You're alive! We need backup immediately, Roland tried to stop it, I mean, we all did, but—"

"Trion, calm down! I need you to tell me, what's the current situation?" You interrupt.  "I'm already on my way, but I need to know if everyone is alright!" You hear Trion take a deep breathe before responding.

"Yes Captain," He responds. "One of the major three, codenamed Stheno, arrived just before your radio silence. Roland took it on while we handled the rest, but it was like one man taking on an army. I'm sorry captain, but Roland has fallen. Honestly, I don't know how he lasted as long as he did, but before he went, he left one final message for you. He said, 'Tell the Captain to hit it from the right.'

It doesn't feel possible. Roland was always the unshakable pillar, someone who could even survive an apocalypse and shrug it off with a smile. Still, your job isn't done yet, and Roland's death wasn't in vain. After taking it in for a second, you respond to Trion, "Oh, I will."



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