Narrative Game 14

Queen Medusa

Heading towards Medusa, you check in on the rest of your crew. Fortunately, they report back quickly. Unfortunately, they're busy taking care of all the other Gorgons, so they can't offer much in the way of help. You do manage to get ahold of the Argos though, and they inform you that they only have enough parts for one more augment, but they should be able to send it over as soon as you choose which you'd like.

Choose from:

[Wing Blades]


[Force Field]

//For the sake of this draft, I will be writing it as if the Wing Blades were chosen

You inform the Argos that you would like the Wing Blades, and within seconds they appear through the circular portal in front of you, clipping onto your ship underneath the wings. The Wing Blades don't only give you a bigger wingspan, but they also release small bursts of energy. They have a bit of a cooldown, but these bursts not only make cutting easier, but also help you reach top speed almost instantly.

It isn't long after you got your augment that you begin to approach where Medusa is supposed to be. It takes a second for you to make out where exactly the Queen of the Gorgons is though, because she's covered in a writhing mass of smaller gorgons. Through the hoard of serpents, you can see that Medusa seems to be one long snake with a bulbous head and thin, branching wings. Now the only question is, how are you supposed to fight an army and their queen at the same time?


*(Note for me) This section is a premium one to come back to and add more choices in future drafts.


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