Narrative Game 12

 Stheno- The Mighty

Caught up on what happened to the others during your battle with Euryale, you rocket towards Stheno, determined to prevent it from killing anyone else. On your way, you check in on Sam and Ga'Rook too. They answer quickly, and seem determined to avenge Roland. You warn them to be careful, but since you're doing the same thing, there isn't much else to be said. Finally, just as you cut all communication, you come across the sea of Gorgons Squad B is facing. You can see Ten and Trion weaving around the edges, barely preventing them from moving forward, but your target is at the center. Stheno, a red Gorgon comprised out of giant anacondas, all braided together into a very dangerous rope.

As you lock onto your target, a message suddenly appears on your HUD. One of your ship's augments is finally ready and will be warped to your position immediately. Soon after, a swirling ring of light appears. As it dissipates, you fly directly at the augment, letting the advanced electro-magnetic latches on your ship attach it for you. *Looking out your window, you can see that the engineering team on Perseus finished the advanced flight augment first, giving your ship another set of wings made from an ancient, lightweight alloy in the shape of eagle wings. As you begin to fly the ship closer to Stheno, you can't help but smile. "Perfect." you say to yourself, as maneuvering through this tide of Gorgons just became a lot easier.


*[Here the player will likely receive a random augment thanks to Twine, but for the case of this draft I am going to go ahead and choose one. I might also just allow one to be chosen and write separate entries for them, as I already want the player to have more options and this is a good way to initiate that]


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