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Daily Writings 7

Scene 1 In glassy caverns, deep beneath the dunes of an inhospitable desert, lives an ancient blue dragon named Fragor. There's almost nothing that can match his might, and he's proud of it. Every time he stretches his gargantuan body for a trip to the surface, he takes a moment to admire the arcs of electricity bouncing between his scales. When he finally takes flight, unfurling his massive wings, even the sky can't help but obey his power, as storms and lightning follow him everywhere he goes. Weak is not even a word in this creature's vocabulary. If something isn't strong, then it simply isn't worth his time. Despite Fragor's seemingly indomitable appearance though, there is one thing that never fails to humble the proud dragon. Every time he leaves his crystalline caverns, Fragor makes a detour to a small beach to the East. While at the beach, he appears as a young and handsome human with blue hair. Wearing ancient, formal clothes, Fragor wades into the

Daily Writings 6

Hello! Sorry for being late, but I hope you enjoy! Scene 1 In the fish markets of a small coastal town walks a young, handsome man. He draws attention everywhere he goes and he knows it, though he might not know that it’s often due to his bright indigo hair and clothes more than anything else. Regardless, this fellow always comes to this market at the exact same time, on the exact same day, once every month. The reason why? Well, of course, it’s because he’s fallen in love. In the same fish markets that the handsome young man walks through is an equally attractive young woman. Her silver hair and clothes give her a timeless appearance, as if she were in some way related to elves. Not only does she share a strange appearance with the young man though, but she also only comes to this market at the exact same time, on the exact same day, once every month. The reason? Well, of course, it’s because she’s fallen in love. As it has happened every month before this one, the oddly beautiful pai

Daily Writings 5

Scene 1 (Continued from DW4) Gadri didn’t wake up for three whole days after fainting in the tavern, but that didn’t stop what he said from spreading all across the land. Word of mouth can travel pretty fast with the help of magic, and adventurers had started gathering outside his door before he’d even woken up. “Do you think he actually went to the island?” One would occasionally ask. “O’ course he’s been to da island. Gadri ain’t told a lie in his life!” The big man blocking Gadri’s door would answer, squinting his eyes at whoever dared to question his friend. That would usually quiet down the crowd for a while, but adventurers were better known for their bravery than intelligence, so the exact same conversation would happen again and again. The cycle only came to an end when a tired looking man dressed in a priest’s garb opened the door and glared at everyone, bodyguard included. “Boulder, I told you to stop anyone from coming in, not make enough noise to wake the dead!” The cleric

Daily Writings 4

Scene 1 Gadri Freyr was a simple gnome whose only desire was to make new mystical wonders. That's why he worked as a merchant, selling the potions and magical items he'd make to people all around the world. One day though, Gadri's ship didn't show up at the port like it was supposed to. Everyone thought that he and his crew must have had an accident at sea. It wasn't too uncommon for storms and creatures, like krakens, to sink ships after all. When a soaked gnome stumbled into one of the port's taverns though, everyone was shocked to see the drenched face of one Gadri Freyr. Gadri took three steps inside and shouted, "I've been to the island!" Then he grabbed a nearby patron, continuing, "You can't even imagine what it's like. Nothing but beasts roam the lands." Letting go, he moved on to another, "Plants you've never seen, effects you can't even imagine-" On to the next, "I have to go back!" Then, with

Daily Writings 3

Scene 1 There isn’t much that can surprise those living in a world of fantasy and magic. After all, gods, demons, and even dragons are commonplace enough to be everyday points of discussion. Only the truly bizarre, tales that one might just as easily hear in a palace or a tavern alike, can manage to capture the attention of those so jaded to the wonders of a fantasy world. This is why, when talk of a mysterious new island that would only appear by sailing on the ocean for exactly two cycles of the moon, began to spread, it was mostly seen as a rumor. If it weren’t for a small gnome by the name of Gadri Freyr, the world might have forgotten about this island entirely.

Daily Writings 2

Hello, and sorry for being so late! Some things came up, but here's. Short scene I wrote up for today. Hope you enjoy! Scene 1 "Reeds, where're you going!?" John, my old high school buddy yelled from under the hood of the car.      "For a walk!" I replied. I was already going crazy from driving all day, so as soon as we started breaking down I knew I had to get away for a minute.       Eventually, when I was far enough away to not smell smoke. I took a deep breath in and looked up at the clouds. I held it in for as long as I could, thinking about how I used to look up at the sky like this as a kid. I would turn clouds into creatures of every shape and size, and sometimes, I would even look up for so long it gave me vertigo. Remembering those times, I finally breathed out, blowing all of my annoyance and frustration into the sky. Feeling a little bit lighter, I jogged back to John, ready to do something about our broken-down car. P.S. Forgive me if the format

Daily Writings 1

Hello! I'm going to be posting a few daily writings from today onwards. They might consist of just a few different scenes, or they might be a bigger piece. For now though, I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them! Scene 1 Wesley was a wizard who specialized in the study of monsters. In fact, many even thought of him as the authority on them. That’s why, when a pack of werewolves was spotted outside Hill Creek, he was the first person the small village thought to ask for help. Now, Wesley would typically ask some lower rank adventurers to handle this kind of thing, but werewolf packs didn’t just pop up out of nowhere. In fact, there were only two things Wesley could think of that would bring one so close to a human settlement. Best case scenario, they were chasing something valuable enough to risk conflict with Hill Creek. If so, then they would leave once the chase was done. The worst case scenario though,would be if they were running from something. Then the


Welcome! I have recently been working on getting my blog reformatted and, though it might not look like much at the moment, it's finally coming along. There are a few details I intend to upgrade in the future, but for now I'm happy with the way things are. This means that I can (hopefully) keep up a much more regular schedule for posts, which also means that I'll be doing my best to think of ways to get more eyeballs on this blog. Until then, I hope you enjoy, and I'll hopefully have more content for you soon!

The Ground Ver. 1

The Ground Ver. 1 It was the hottest day of summer yet. You could see the heat wriggling off of roofs and dancing down the streets. Even the clouds seem to have retreated from the scorching rays of the sun, turning the sky into an unfathomably large blue dome. One thing that the heat couldn’t affect though, was how the neighborhood kids would enjoy their summer vacation. From my shaded porch I could hear them. “One, two, three, four… nine, ten!” one counted. “Now, who wants to go first?” I laughed at the following cacophony of voices, as everyone apparently wanted to. Wiping some of the condensation off my glass of iced tea, I took a sip and turned my attention back to the latest article I’d been reading. Despite global enquiry, the United States has elected to remain silent as to why entire counties in the Northeast have been quarantined without contact from the outside world. Speculations range from a string of reactors gone critical to a massive show of force in response to protests

Caves and Magic Ver. 1

  Caves and Magic Ver. 1 This is what I get for following Arthur, I thought, stumbling down the slick cave entrance my friend had entered just moments before. “Hey, don't go too far in!” I shouted, already imagining headlines being written about us if we got lost. Arthur had been doing this kind of thing since we were kids and it certainly wouldn't be the first time we ended up in the local news for it. He had a knack for finding weird places to explore, though if it weren't for me I doubt he'd have a great track record of successfully exploring. Regardless of how used to his explorations I'd gotten though, I couldn't help but be a little concerned when I didn't hear his reply echo back to me. Eventually, I had wandered into the deeper parts of the cave and the light from the entrance just barely let me see where I was going. I knew it wasn't like Arthur to mess with me like in these kinds of places, but a small part of me couldn't help but hope