Daily Writings 2

Hello, and sorry for being so late! Some things came up, but here's. Short scene I wrote up for today. Hope you enjoy!

Scene 1

"Reeds, where're you going!?" John, my old high school buddy yelled from under the hood of the car.

     "For a walk!" I replied. I was already going crazy from driving all day, so as soon as we started breaking down I knew I had to get away for a minute. 

     Eventually, when I was far enough away to not smell smoke. I took a deep breath in and looked up at the clouds. I held it in for as long as I could, thinking about how I used to look up at the sky like this as a kid. I would turn clouds into creatures of every shape and size, and sometimes, I would even look up for so long it gave me vertigo. Remembering those times, I finally breathed out, blowing all of my annoyance and frustration into the sky. Feeling a little bit lighter, I jogged back to John, ready to do something about our broken-down car.

P.S. Forgive me if the formatting for this one feels off. I'm writing through my phone, which makes things a bit different.


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