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Daily Writings 9

Scene 1 There's a little known myth that's been passed down for hundreds of years in the state of Indiana. A myth about a little old man who can only be seen sitting on the stump of old maple trees. Some have weird names for him like Jack, or even John apparently, but I've only ever heard him be called Old Man Maypole. Most who've heard of Old Man Maypole say he's been here since the beginning. Now, this sounds silly, unless you've managed to catch a glimpse of him sitting on tlan old maple stump. He looks to be about a meter tall, and he's always pensively hunched forward, like Michaelangelo's David. Instead of smooth white marble though, Old Man Maypole has dark green and brown skin with valleys carving their way vertically up his body, just like tree bark. Now, Old Man Maypole usually just sits and thinks on these old maple stumps, but never wander too close. Legend goes that, to avenge the maple tree he's sitting on, he will grab those that wande

A New Place

Hello everyone, I've recently moved into a new place, so updates will probably be either later in the day, or a bit inconsistent. I should be back on schedule by next week though (Here's hoping!), So please bear with my odd schedule for a bit. Thanks,  Josh

Daily Writings 8

Scene 1 Cooking breakfast is one of those daily rituals that just make me feel more human. That's why, when I woke up today, I decided to cook my favorite kind. So, with the mintiness of my toothpaste still fresh on my breath, I browsed the cabinets in my small kitchen. "Some flour here and some sugar there," I half-sang to myself. When I grabbed the last ingredient though, I couldn't quite shake the feeling that I'd forgotten something. Tapping the tip of my nose, I slowly spun around, hoping it would come to me. Finally, I stopped. Spinning like I was in a music box had done the trick, because music was just what I had been missing! After deciding on an obscure track from a retro video game I liked as a kid, I finally got to cooking. Starting with my dry ingredients, I slowly incorporated everything together in a bowl that was definitely a little too small. "Perfect!" I said, ignoring the mix that managed to escape. Forgoing anything that could properl