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Narrative Game 13

A Revenge Not So Sweet The new augment makes getting to the braided up Gorgon much easier, but it isn't until Stheno is in range of your turrets that you understand its true value, as the massive braid unwinds and you are facing countless giant snake heads. *Using your wing augments, you slip between the countless heads, moving your ship as if its your own body. During your dance, you notice that a few of the heads are already burnt and can't seem to move as well. Remembering what Trion says, you realize that this must be Roland's work. Suddenly, your vision seems to go red, and you not only weave through the heads with unparalleled precision, but you also begin to fire your blaster turrets non-stop, targeting the weak points your friend left behind. Stheno's many heads screech in agony and try to strike out in waves, some even detaching before chasing you for a bit. It's no use though, as you have gained an almost mechanical precision at dealing with this Gorgon

Narrative Game 12

 Stheno- The Mighty Caught up on what happened to the others during your battle with Euryale, you rocket towards Stheno, determined to prevent it from killing anyone else. On your way, you check in on Sam and Ga'Rook too. They answer quickly, and seem determined to avenge Roland. You warn them to be careful, but since you're doing the same thing, there isn't much else to be said. Finally, just as you cut all communication, you come across the sea of Gorgons Squad B is facing. You can see Ten and Trion weaving around the edges, barely preventing them from moving forward, but your target is at the center. Stheno, a red Gorgon comprised out of giant anacondas, all braided together into a very dangerous rope. As you lock onto your target, a message suddenly appears on your HUD. One of your ship's augments is finally ready and will be warped to your position immediately. Soon after, a swirling ring of light appears. As it dissipates, you fly directly at the augment, letting

Narrative Game 11

 A Pillar Falls After requesting the finished augments for your ship, you immediately begin flying towards Squad B. Using your comms, you request for an update from Trion, the last member you heard from. An uncomfortable moment of silence followed, until Trion finally replied. "Captain?! You're alive! We need backup immediately, Roland tried to stop it, I mean, we all did, but—" "Trion, calm down! I need you to tell me, what's the current situation?" You interrupt.  "I'm already on my way, but I need to know if everyone is alright!" You hear Trion take a deep breathe before responding. "Yes Captain," He responds. "One of the major three, codenamed Stheno, arrived just before your radio silence. Roland took it on while we handled the rest, but it was like one man taking on an army. I'm sorry captain, but Roland has fallen. Honestly, I don't know how he lasted as long as he did, but before he went, he left one final message

Narrative Game 10

Euryale's End Dodging the monster's missile-fangs, you begin to fire your Blaster Turrets into the Gorgon's now unprotected maw. The monster screams again, but this time you can tell its in pain. You still tumble away, but not before seeing its green blood ooze from the new holes in its mouth. Reassured that this Gorgon can be hurt, you hurry to finish the job, evading fangs and withstanding screams to the best of your ability. Before too long, a final scream, too weak to throw you off balance this time, signals the defeat of one of the biggest Gorgon threats. There's not time for celebration though, and you immediately request that the Argos (your base ship) send any of your ship's augments that are ready. After all, you have a bad feeling that you'll soon need them to help Squad B. [Next]