Narrative Game 10

Euryale's End

Dodging the monster's missile-fangs, you begin to fire your Blaster Turrets into the Gorgon's now unprotected maw. The monster screams again, but this time you can tell its in pain. You still tumble away, but not before seeing its green blood ooze from the new holes in its mouth. Reassured that this Gorgon can be hurt, you hurry to finish the job, evading fangs and withstanding screams to the best of your ability. Before too long, a final scream, too weak to throw you off balance this time, signals the defeat of one of the biggest Gorgon threats. There's not time for celebration though, and you immediately request that the Argos (your base ship) send any of your ship's augments that are ready. After all, you have a bad feeling that you'll soon need them to help Squad B.



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