Narrative Game 13

A Revenge Not So Sweet

The new augment makes getting to the braided up Gorgon much easier, but it isn't until Stheno is in range of your turrets that you understand its true value, as the massive braid unwinds and you are facing countless giant snake heads. *Using your wing augments, you slip between the countless heads, moving your ship as if its your own body. During your dance, you notice that a few of the heads are already burnt and can't seem to move as well. Remembering what Trion says, you realize that this must be Roland's work.
Suddenly, your vision seems to go red, and you not only weave through the heads with unparalleled precision, but you also begin to fire your blaster turrets non-stop, targeting the weak points your friend left behind. Stheno's many heads screech in agony and try to strike out in waves, some even detaching before chasing you for a bit. It's no use though, as you have gained an almost mechanical precision at dealing with this Gorgon's attacks, and soon they all come to a stop. Wiping the sweat from your brow, you glare at Stheno's corpse, even angrier now that avenging Roland didn't make you feel any better. Unfortunately, that's the only way you get to express it though, as a comms call from Ten demands your attention. "Captain, radar's picking up another big one. Medusa must be done with the southern sector." After telling Ten you'll be there, you grimly turn away from Stheno's remains, ready to truly finish this fight.


*Here is likely where there will be variations based on what augment was chosen.


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