Narrative Game 1


Sorry for the delay, but I am once again employed! I should be starting up my daily writings again, though I will be posting later in the day, around 9pm EST. Speaking of daily writings, here's the latest one, which I'm thinking about making into a twine game, or potentially developing further with Unity.

Scene 1
In the Earth year of 35XX, the Universal Planetary Alliance long ago eliminated the threat of war. Peace was a constant throughout the stars, and the intelligent flora and fauna of the universe had never been happier. Such a delicate balance could never last though, and a sudden, brutal discovery would soon put the universe into a fight for survival against nigh-unstoppable monsters, the Gorgons.

The Gorgons are voracious monsters that consume any and all life they come into contact with. Discovered within the depths of the center of the universe, they quickly spread, uncaring about the cold vacuum of space, and easily consumed the most powerful forces of the UPA (Universal Planetary Alliance). Just as all hope seemed lost, an elite division of the UPA rose up and, using experimental weapons from an ancient planet in UPA's southern territories, managed to secure their first victory against Gorgon forces. You are the commander of this taskforce, codenamed Perseus, and the fate of the universe now lies in your hands.



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