Narrative Game 3

 Option A: Protecting the northern UPA

The Gorgons are already a nigh-indestructible force, so why worry about POSSIBLE weapons when the whole point of defeating them is to save more lives? When your decision reaches your crew, you can see that they are all ecstatic. They might soon be facing against mindless, all-consuming monsters in just a few hours, but you can see from their looks of determination and joy that they are certain to fight even harder doing what they think is right. As the cheering dies down though, your vice-captain, Roland, steps forward, "Hey chief, which squad will you be going down with this time? Just let me know and I'll take command of the others." Your crew looks at you with anticipation as, even though they are all skilled in their own rights, you are easily the best member to have as a squadmate. 

The two members of squad A are named Ga' rook and Sam. They're an interesting bunch who love to pester each other like siblings. They trust each other more than anyone else though, and you wouldn't be surprised if they could somehow read each other's mind.

The two members of squad B are Trion and Ten. They may not talk much, but they don't need to, as they're both ace pilots who can independently address any problems on the battlefield.

Will you join:

Squad A (Ga' rook and Sam)
Squad B (Trion and Ten)


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