Daily Writings 5

Scene 1 (Continued from DW4)

Gadri didn’t wake up for three whole days after fainting in the tavern, but that didn’t stop what he said from spreading all across the land. Word of mouth can travel pretty fast with the help of magic, and adventurers had started gathering outside his door before he’d even woken up.

“Do you think he actually went to the island?” One would occasionally ask.

“O’ course he’s been to da island. Gadri ain’t told a lie in his life!” The big man blocking Gadri’s door would answer, squinting his eyes at whoever dared to question his friend. That would usually quiet down the crowd for a while, but adventurers were better known for their bravery than intelligence, so the exact same conversation would happen again and again. The cycle only came to an end when a tired looking man dressed in a priest’s garb opened the door and glared at everyone, bodyguard included.

“Boulder, I told you to stop anyone from coming in, not make enough noise to wake the dead!” The cleric hissed. “Now all of you, scram! I’m sure Gadri will tell everyone what he saw when he wakes up.” Seeing a few adventurers sticking around to try their luck, the cleric continued. “And, by the gods, if any of you cause trouble then you will be charged double from any and all of Gadri’s businesses!” This threat was enough to scare off even the toughest adventurer, as it hit them all where it really counted, in their wallets.

“Thanks fo’ that Niles. You wouldn’t believe da things they were sayin’ about Gadri.” Boulder said, almost looking like he was going to tear up. “How’s he doin’ by da way? Do you think he’ll wake up soon?” Niles had a sly grin as he responded,

“Actually, Gadri woke up just a few minutes ago. Why else do you think I would have come out here? By the way, remind me to take a look at your nasal cavity when we have time. You are starting to sound horribly stuffed up aga-” Before Niles could finish his tangent, Boulder had already pushed past him and opened the door. Inside was a bed far too large for the gnome lying in it, as well as an assortment of documents and maps, all of which were pushed to the side as Boulder entered.

“Bouldy! It’s so nice to see your rugged face again! Get your things and make sure you’re packed for a long one this time. I’m going to send a few messages and make sure everything is sorted out, then we’re all going to go on one of the most exciting research stud-, I mean adventures, that we’ve ever had!” Gadri greeted his old friend with shining eyes, as if he could already see the amazing sights in store for them.


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