Daily Writings 6

Hello! Sorry for being late, but I hope you enjoy!

Scene 1

In the fish markets of a small coastal town walks a young, handsome man. He draws attention everywhere he goes and he knows it, though he might not know that it’s often due to his bright indigo hair and clothes more than anything else. Regardless, this fellow always comes to this market at the exact same time, on the exact same day, once every month. The reason why? Well, of course, it’s because he’s fallen in love.

In the same fish markets that the handsome young man walks through is an equally attractive young woman. Her silver hair and clothes give her a timeless appearance, as if she were in some way related to elves. Not only does she share a strange appearance with the young man though, but she also only comes to this market at the exact same time, on the exact same day, once every month. The reason? Well, of course, it’s because she’s fallen in love.

As it has happened every month before this one, the oddly beautiful pair slowly make their way to the same place, weaving through stalls and the crowd, barely paying the busy market any attention. Finally they meet, and like two magnets with opposing poles, they slam together in a fierce and sudden embrace. The busy fish market pays them no attention and, finally, the pair separate with flushed, smiling faces.

“I have something I need to tell you.” Both of them suddenly blurt out. Laughing, they go back and forth on who should go first until the lady says,

“Then why don’t we just say it at the same time? Besides, it might be easier that way.”

“Perfect!” Says the young man. “We’ll go on three. One… Two… Three-”

“I’m actually a dragon!” They both say, copying each other once again, though this time both of their eyes widen in a strange mixture of surprise and fear. Before either can say anything more though, a man at the nearby stall who seems to have heard them says,

“Oi! I’m a dragon too. Now if you two don’t stop blockin’ my stall, I’ll be sure to show you just how angry one can get too!” At this, the two look at each other and roll their eyes, feeling much less tense due to the unexpected interruption. The young man offers his hand before saying, “If you would like, follow me and we can talk. I know just the place where we can… Air things out?” Chuckling at his stupid pun, the lady takes his hand and says,

“That sounds like a great idea.”


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