Daily Writings 1

Hello! I'm going to be posting a few daily writings from today onwards. They might consist of just a few different scenes, or they might be a bigger piece. For now though, I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them!

Scene 1

Wesley was a wizard who specialized in the study of monsters. In fact, many even thought of him as the authority on them. That’s why, when a pack of werewolves was spotted outside Hill Creek, he was the first person the small village thought to ask for help.

Now, Wesley would typically ask some lower rank adventurers to handle this kind of thing, but werewolf packs didn’t just pop up out of nowhere. In fact, there were only two things Wesley could think of that would bring one so close to a human settlement. Best case scenario, they were chasing something valuable enough to risk conflict with Hill Creek. If so, then they would leave once the chase was done. The worst case scenario though,would be if they were running from something. Then the small village of Hill Creek could be in serious danger.

Scene 2

BANG! The door to the tavern slammed open, interrupting both conversations and music, as everyone turned to see who had interrupted their evening. Walking into the tavern with worn mail and a dented shield was a very contrite, but tired looking knight. He raised his hands halfway, as if to appease the crowd, and whispered, “Sorry… So sorry…” as he squeezed his way between the tables to the bar. The bustle of the tavern started up again soon after, though this time a few of the conversations were directed towards the stranger who had just walked in.

“How can I help ya?” The bartender asked, all the while taking a look at the sorry state of the man in front of him. Behind the veil of dark hair caked with dirt and blood, the knight also sported a black eye that had swollen so much that it couldn’t open. 

    “I’ll take a room for the night and a hot meal, if that’s possible?” The knight asked, still polite even in his sorry state.

    “The only room we have will cost ya 6 silver a night, but it does come with meals and a bath.” The bartender answered, giving a meaningful look at the knight’s sorry state. The knight grimaced, but took the silver out of a pouch at his waist and placed it on the counter anyways. “Now, go to yer room and get cleaned up. Ya smell and look like ya lost a fight with the world’s smelliest bear and it’s starting to affect the business.” The bartender said, putting down a room key before moving to a nearby window into the kitchen and writing up an order. Hoping his smell hadn’t driven anyone off yet, the knight grabbed his key and headed to his room, grinning at the thought of a warm bath.


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