Daily Writings 7

Scene 1

In glassy caverns, deep beneath the dunes of an inhospitable desert, lives an ancient blue dragon named Fragor. There's almost nothing that can match his might, and he's proud of it. Every time he stretches his gargantuan body for a trip to the surface, he takes a moment to admire the arcs of electricity bouncing between his scales. When he finally takes flight, unfurling his massive wings, even the sky can't help but obey his power, as storms and lightning follow him everywhere he goes. Weak is not even a word in this creature's vocabulary. If something isn't strong, then it simply isn't worth his time.

Despite Fragor's seemingly indomitable appearance though, there is one thing that never fails to humble the proud dragon. Every time he leaves his crystalline caverns, Fragor makes a detour to a small beach to the East. While at the beach, he appears as a young and handsome human with blue hair. Wearing ancient, formal clothes, Fragor wades into the water and sits on a flat rock just beneath the waves. There he sings a sad song about two lovers whose families wouldn't let them be together. The couple decided to ignore their families though, and ran away together. Times were hard, and the couple would often question their decision, but they would eventually spend many, many, happy years together. All things come to an end though, and the song concludes with a fierce battle between the lovers and their family. Eventually, the lovers win, but one succumbs to their injuries, dying at sea.

As Fragor stops singing about his love, he pats the rock below him, speaking to what is actually the skull of his deceased lover, "Asimi, I miss you more with every passing day…" After a moment of silence, Fragor walks away from the beach, once more returning to his life as a powerful, proud, and lonely ancient blue dragon.


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