Narrative Game 5

 Squad B: Joining Ten and Trion

Ten and Trion perfectly represent the skills of the Perseus crew. In fact, you are the only other member who can contend with their number of flight records. It might be outside of the crew's comfort zone, but you are confident that teaming up with Ten and Trion will make Squad B an unstoppable force, which is just what you'll need to beat the Gorgons. Your crew seems confused by the choice at first, but Roland seems to immediately understand what you are thinking, saying, "Squad B is the sword and we in Squad B will be the shield. Perfect thinking Captain! Now, everyone get to your ships! It's about time we show those cold-blooded creeps who they're dealing with.

    "YES, SIR!" the crew roars, setting out for the hangar immediately. Roland turns to you, giving a quick salute before following close behind. Saluting back, you jog after them, all the while acting like the weight of the universe isn't slowing you down.



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