Narrative Game 4

Squad A: Joining Ga'rook and Sam

Ga'rook and Sam already have perfect teamwork, but with you there to give them orders the Gorgons don't stand a chance. Your squadmates seem to share this mindset, with Roland saying, "Standard makes sense. Besides, teamwork AND our new weapons might just be what we need to take these things down. Now, everyone get to your ships! Those space snakes aren't going to get rid of themselves!"

    "YES, SIR!" the crew roars, setting out for the hangar immediately. Roland turns to you, giving one last salute before following close behind. Saluting back, you jog after them, all the while acting like the weight of the universe isn't slowing you down.


Quick note for me and readers: This one felt hard to end properly. I purely want it to be a narrative section, but I feel like I'm kind of underselling things, or even making things feel to distanced. I'll definitely come back to this later, but I feel like it's important to actually say that. To write it down in a place that readers (Me and you alike) can see it. After all, if everything somebody wrote had to feel perfect, then I highly doubt there would be any stories at all lol.

Update: I reworked this section a bit, and I feel much happier with it. I still feel like I am not giving the characters enough depth, or even the threat that the Gorgons present, but I think that I'll discover these things the more I write.


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