Narrative Game 6

Preparing for Takeoff (Joined Squad A)

Entering the hangar, you see Ga'rook and Sam preparing their ships for takeoff. Ga'rook's bulky and rectangular ship especially stands out, as he just finished painting a massive octopus with tentacles reaching towards the cabin on its side. Parked beside Ga'rook's, Sam's ship appears small in comparison. Its wide, umbrella-like wings and spherical central cockpit also make it seem less threatening than Ga'rook's hulking weapon with wings. Despite its flimsy appearance though, the wings of Sam's ship can redirect almost any attack with ease. Ga'rook might not be able to avoid the enemy, but thanks to Sam, he'll never have to.

Greeting Sam and Ga'rook with a wave, you make your way towards your own ship. It's design isn't anything exaggerated like the rest of your team. In fact, if it weren't for all of the strange exterior clamps and custom paintjob, most people in the UPA would have thought it to be standard issue, similar in style to an old-time jet. The scientists who installed the ancient technology into your ship would have a field day at that thought though. After all, your ship might actually be the strangest one of the lot.

Climbing up some small rails into your cockpit, you run through all of your initial tests before hearing Ga'rook and Sam over the comms, "Are we ready captain?" Your ship turns on with a whisper and, as you turn towards the hangar doors, you reply.
"Squad A, prepare for liftoff." As your squad's ships also roll up beside you, you start the countdown. "3...2...1..."

[Lift off]


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