Narrative Game 7

 Finding the Enemy (Joined Squad A)

Almost silent engines steadily climb in volume, hitting their crescendo just when it seems like the ship might shake itself apart. Then, after a single beat of rest, you blast off down the runway, leaving the hangar at a speed difficult to comprehend. Once in the darkness of space, the pressure forcing you into your seat eases, and you can see Ga'rook and Sam following you close behind. "This is the last chance to say something before we fight the gorgons." You tell them over the comms. "Anything you want to get off your chests?" There's silence for a moment, until Ga'rooks guttural voice says,
"Yeah... I'm actually the one who ate your nachos at that space ball tournament a few months ago. I didn't tell you because watching you blame Roland made me laugh too hard. Afterwards it just felt too awkward to bring up again..."
"Oh, oh! I've got one too" Says Sam. "Remember that reporter you dated for a while on Brom? Well, that was actually my cousin, and they told me that you—"
"Okay! Now that we have plenty to talk about when we get back, get ready warp. I'd hate for you to bite your tongues when we jump." You interrupt, rolling your eyes. They both laugh, and for a second it feels like you aren't about to fight for the fate of the universe. That second is fleeting though, because as soon as the laughter fades to silence a ping appears on your interface, indicating that the gorgons are in position.



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